Welcome among the monkeys

Ballenger choses this artwork illustrating Teddy Wayne’s send-up in last month’s New Yorker of the cultural practices of “reposting” to illustrate that social media appears more as obligations and burdens than as opportunities.

Jesse Ballenger, who is the author of Self, senility, and Alzheimer’s disease in modern America : a history and has written a post on DSM-V and Aging for h-madness, starts a blog entitled To Conquer Confusion. A Historian’s Perspective on the Science and Experience of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. In his first post, Ballenger establishes a stimulating link between Alzheimer and the proliferation of social media:

Alzheimer’s disease, it seems, is one of the emblematic disorders of a post-modern culture. And conversely, blogging and social media seems to embody the fragility and fragmentation of postmodern selfhood that has come to make Alzheimer’s so frightening.

I am quite curious to read the next posts.

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