New issue: JHBS

The Summer 2012 issue of the Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences is now online and includes an article by Bonnie Evans and Edgar Jones entitled “ORGAN EXTRACTS AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF PSYCHIATRY: HORMONAL TREATMENTS AT THE MAUDSLEY HOSPITAL 1923–1938”. The abstract reads:

The use of organ extracts to treat psychiatric disorder in the interwar period is an episode in the history of psychiatry which has largely been forgotten. An analysis of case-notes from The Maudsley Hospital from the period 1923–1938 shows that the prescription of extracts taken from animal testes, ovaries, thyroids, and other organs was widespread within this London Hospital. This article explores the way in which Maudsley doctors justified these treatments by tying together psychological theories of the unconscious with experimental data drawn from laboratory studies of human organs. It explores the logic behind these treatments and examines beliefs about their efficacy. The connection between this historical episode and current research in endocrinology and psychology is explored.

The issue also contains a review of Alison Winter’s latest book, Memory: Fragments of a Modern History.

For access to these articles, and for a complete table of contents, click here.

2 thoughts on “New issue: JHBS

  1. Edward Shorter says:

    The article by Bonnie Evans and Edgar Jones is beautifully done, a thoughtful and carefully researched contribution. If I knew the authors’ email, I would write them and say so directly. But maybe this brief post will prompt other members of this site to consult the piece as an example of careful monographic research at its best.

    Edward Shorter

    1. Alexandra Bacopoulos-Viau says:

      Many thanks, Edward, for your message. I will try to get in touch with Bonnie and have her read your comment!

      Best wishes,


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