Fall Schedule Colloquium on the History of Psychiatry and Medicine (McLean Hospital)

Department of Postgraduate and Continuing Education, McLean Hospital and

Center for the History of Medicine, Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine




David G. Satin, M.D., DLFAPA Director

Open to students of history and those valuing a historical perspective on their professions.

———-Fall, 2014———-

September 18 (Ballard Room)

Colonial Governance and Medical Ethics in British India, 1870-1910

Kieran Fitzpatrick: D.Phil candidate at the Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine, University of Oxford; Wellcome Trust Medical Humanities Studentship holder 2013-16

October 16 (Minot Room)

Jewish Medical Resistance in the Holocaust

Michael A. Grodin, M.D.: Professor of Psychiatry, Boston University School of Medicine; Professor of Health Law, Bioethics, and Human Rights, Boston University School of Public Health

November 20 (Ballard Room)

Making the Suicidal Object: Sympathy and Surveillance in the American Asylum

Kathleen Brian, M.A., Ph.D.: Visiting Assistant Professor of American Studies, George Washington University

December 18 (Ballard Room)

Boundary Disputes Between British Psychiatry and Neurology

Stephen T. Casper, PhD: Associate Professor, History of Science, Humanities, and Social Sciences, Clarkson University

4:00 P.M.—5:30 P.M.

see room scheduled, fifth floor, Countway Library of Medicine, Harvard Medical Area

For further information contact David G. Satin, M.D., Colloquium Director,

e-mail: david_satin@hms.harvard.edu, phone/fax 617-332-0032,

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