Post-Doctoral Followship – Placing Depression on the Global Agenda: India – EHESS (Paris)

logo-cermes3CERMES3 announces an 18-month Post-Doctoral Fellowship (Jan. 2016-June 2017) financed through the European Research Council project GLOBHEALTH, “From international to global: Knowledge and diseases and the post-war government of health”.
This post-doctoral research will centre on the introduction of depression as a mental health category in India beginning in the 1980s, as part of the broader global transformation of depression from a minor psychiatric category focused on clinical severity to a widely diagnosed, moderate disorder, and of its status as an iconic disorder of social and health disparities, gender, work and unemployment, development policies and other social and economic relations. This project should critically consider the breadth and impact of the conceptualization, screening and treatment of depression within the larger socio-historical context of India. Research will include archival work, document analyses, interviews and fieldwork. The latter will take place at least one national site, and at a local site (e.g. psychiatric clinic, primary health care centre, home for elderly).

The post-doctoral project falls into the domain, “Placing mental health on the world health agenda: the globalization of a refractory problem”, one of four being examined by the ERC programme GLOBHEALTH and administratively located at CERMES3, Villejuif/Paris. The candidate should be willing to spend some time in Paris as well as India. Supervision will be offered by Jean-Paul Gaudillière (historian) and Anne M. Lovell (medical anthropologist).

Applicants should hold a PhD in anthropology or history, but other disciplines will be considered. Some background or interest in mental health, psychiatry, pharmaceuticals or public health is an asset. Excellent mastery of written and spoken English is required. Competency in a language of India (Hindi or Bengali) and some knowledge of French are preferable.
Applicants should include the following in their application:

CV (degrees, educational/training experiences, work history, skills, honours/awards, publications)
transcripts from university diplomas
letter of motivation
draft project of 5 to 10 pages. Include: subject, rationale, materials, methods, field-site, expected outcomes, dissemination and an 18-month timeline for the project.
Sample of writing the applicant deems relevant to the project.
Names and contact details of two references

Information on CERMES3 is available through
Description of the ERC Project is accessible through
The complete applications to be sent to and
Please indicate “Globalizing Schizophrenia – GLOBHEALTH” in the subject line.

Deadline for applications is September 30, 2015
Selection will completed in November and the successful candidate is expected to start employment by January 1, 2016.

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