Conference – Psychiatry and other cultures: a historical perspective

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Study conference – Reggio Emilia, 26 settembre 2015


Ore 8.30 Participants registration

Ore 9.00 Wellcome address Gaddomaria Grassi

Ore 9.30 Opening Luigi Benevelli
Ore 10.00

Devereux in the history of ethnopsychiatry, Alessandra Cerea

Transcultural psychiatry, decolonization and nationalism: comnparisons between Nigeria and India, Matthew M. Heaton

Beyond colonial psychiatry? The indigenization of psychiatry of British India, 1900-1940, Waltraud Ernst

Psychiatry in the Italian colonies in Africa, Marianna Scarfone
Ore 12.00 Conference conclusions

Epistemology of Cultural Psychiatry, German E. Berrios
Ore 13.00 Questions and discussions
Museum for the history of psychiatry

Via Amendola, 2

Lombroso Building

Reggio Emilia

For info and registration send an email at:

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