Book announcement – Deinstitutionalisation and After Post-War: Psychiatry in the Western World


Despo Kritsotaki, Vicky Long and Matthew Smith have finally published the long-awaited – at least by the author of this post – results of their conference organised in 2013 on “Deinstitutionalisation and After: Post-War Psychiatry in Global Perspective”. The blurb reads:

The book relates the history of post-war psychiatry, focusing on deinstitutionalisation, namely the shift from asylum to community in the second part of the twentieth century.
After the Second World War, psychiatry and mental health care were reshaped by deinstitutionalisation. But what exactly was involved in this process? What were the origins of deinstitutionalisation and what did it mean to those who experienced it? What were the ramifications, both positive and negative, of such a fundamental shift in psychiatric care? Post-War Psychiatry in the Western World: Deinstitutionalisation and After seeks to answer these questions by exploring this momentous change in mental health care from 1945 to the present in a wide range of geographical settings. The book articulates a nuanced account of the history of deinstitutionalisation, highlighting the constraints and inconsistencies inherent in treating the mentally ill outside of the asylum, while seeking to inform current debates about how to help the most vulnerable members of society.

Table of Content

  • Introduction: Deinstitutionalisation and the Pathways of Post-War Psychiatry in the Western World by Kritsotaki, Despo (et al.)
  • Deinstitutionalisation and the Great Sociocultural Shift to Consumer Culture by Burnham, John
  • ‘All the Fits That’s News to Print’: Deinstitutionalisation and Anti-Psychiatric Movement Magazines in the United States, 1970–1986 by Dunst, Alexander

  • After the Asylum in Canada: Surviving Deinstitutionalisation and Revising History by Davies, Megan (et al.)

  • ‘Islands of Reform’: Early Transformation of the Mental Health Service in Lower Saxony, Germany in the 1960s by Beyer, Christof

  • French Deinstitutionalisation or the Irony of Success: Psychiatrists, the State and the Transformation of the French Psychiatric System, 1945–2010, by Henckes, Nicolas

  • Integration in a Divided World: Salford Community Mental Health Services 1948–1974 by Harrington, Valerie

  • Initiating Deinstitutionalisation: Early Attempts of Mental Health Care Reform in Greece, 1950s–1970s by Kritsotaki, Despo

  • Child Guidance and Deinstitutionalisation in Post-War Britain by Stewart, John

  • ‘Do You Have a Frog to Guide You?’: Exploring the ‘Asylum’ Spaces of R. D. Laing by McGeachan, Cheryl

  • The Basaglian Legacy in Italian Psychiatry: Remembering, Myth-Making and Crystallising by Trivelli, Elena

  • A Mental Health System in Recovery: The Era of Deinstitutionalisation in California by Padwa, Howard (et al.)

  • Callan Park in Transition by Burge, Roslyn

For more information, click here.

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