New book: Mental Health in Asia and the Pacific: Historical and Cultural Perspectives.


The book Mental Health in Asia and the Pacific: Historical and Cultural Perspectives, edited by Harry Minas and Milton Lewis (Springer 2017) could be of interest to readers of h-madness.

The abstract reads:

This far-reaching volume analyzes the social, cultural, political, and economic factors contributing to mental health issues and shaping treatment options in the Asian and Pacific world. Multiple lenses examine complex experiences and needs in this vast region, identifying not only cultural issues at the individual and collective levels, but also the impacts of colonial history, effects of war and disasters, and the current climate of globalization on mental illness and its care. These concerns are located in the larger context of physical health and its determinants, worldwide goals such as reducing global poverty, and the evolving mental health response to meet rising challenges affecting the diverse populations of the region. The different chapters focus on countries in East, Southeast, and South Asia plus Oceania and Australia, describing national history of psychiatry and its acceptance; present-day mental health practice and services; mental/physical health impact of recent social change; disparities in accessibility, service delivery, and quality of care; collaborations with indigenous and community approaches to healing; current mental health resources, the state of policy, and areas for intervention.



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