Conference: The Pathology of Love (9–10/06/18)


9 & 10 JUNE 2018

Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies 66 St Giles, Oxford

This conference concerns the ancient representation of the erotic emotion in a variety of sources.


Saturday, 9 June

09:30 Registration – Tea and coffee

09:40 Welcome address
10:00 Claude Calame (University of Lausanne) – Keynotespeaker
Performance and pragmatics of erotic melic poetry in
Archaic and Classical Greece: a pathology of sexualities?

10:55 Tea and coffee break

11:10 Thomas Hubbard (University of Texas at Austin)
Pathological heterosexuality and other male anxieties
11:50 Ed Sanders (University of Roehampton)
Love in the other (Symposium)

12:30 Lunch break

13:10 Christopher Faraone (University of Chicago)
Rituals in Theocritus’ Idyll 2
13:50 Eleni Pachoumi (Hellenic Open University)
The pathology of love in the magic erotic spells

14:30 Tea and coffee break

14:45 Giacomo Fedeli (King’s College London)
Learning to love, learning through love: the didactics, ethics, and literary aesthetics of erotic pathology in Horace
15:25 Jane Masséglia (University of Leicester)
Pan the pervert: the pathology of ‘bad love’ in Greek and Roman sculpture
16:05 Discussion

16:30 Drinks reception

Sunday, 10 June

09:30 Registration – Tea and coffee

09:40 Thomas Mannack (University of Oxford)
Lust and love on Athenian vases
10:20 Amy Smith (University of Reading)
When Theseus left Ariadne: looking back on lovers on Attic red-figure

11:00 Tea and coffee break

11:15 Ioannis Konstantakos (University of Athens)
Pathological love in the ‘open’ or ‘fringe’ novels: Aesop, Alexander, Apollonius, Secundus
11:55 Angus Bowie (University of Oxford)
Comparative pathology: love in Ancient Greece and the Near East

12:35 Lunch break

13:15 Andreas Michalopoulos (University of Athens)
The pathology of love in Ovid’s Metamorphoses
13:55 Thea Selliaas Thorsen (NTNU)
The psychopathology of love: Ovid,Heroides 20-21

14:35 Tea and coffee break

14:50 Chiara Thumiger (University of Warwick)
The eyes of the lover: medical elaborations on lovesickness and opthalmology
15:30 Discussion and closing remarks

16:00 Drinks reception


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