GuislainGuislain app: digital guide Dr. Guislain Museum

“Recently, Dr. Guislain Museum and the Institute for Public History at Ghent University launched the GuislainGuislain app. The app serves as a digital guide for the visitors of the Dr. Guislain Museum in Ghent, Belgium. It guides them through the buildings and gardens of Belgium’s first psychiatric facility, opened in 1857. The app offers texts in Dutch and images on the history of the campus, its architectural development over the past 160 years, the biography of psychiatrist Joseph Guislain, and deals with the local history of psychiatry and the stories of people who worked or lived on the campus. Besides a guided tour, which can be accessed when visiting the museum, the app also contains patient files, a timeline and visual essays that are freely accessible on most tablets. It can be downloaded via Apple Store or Play Store, under the name GuislainGuislain.”

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