Exhibition: The Beautiful Brain: The Drawings of Santiago Ramón y Cajal, MIT Museum

Readers of h-madness might be interested in the exhibition of drawings by neuroscientist Santiago Ramón y Cajal (1852-1934), on display at the MIT Museum from 3 May to 31 December 2018.

The drawings will elicit stupefied awe from art enthusiasts, who use their brains without knowing how they work, and excited chatter from visiting neuroscience types. (New York Times, January 18, 2018)

Santiago Ramón y Cajal made transformative discoveries of the anatomy of the brain and nervous system, work that led to his receiving a Nobel Prize in 1906. This founder of modern neuroscience was also an exceptional artist. His drawings of the brain were not only beautiful, but also astounding in their capacity to illustrate and understand the details of brain structure and function.

The Beautiful Brain: The Drawings of Santiago Ramón y Cajal will include approximately 80 of Cajal’s drawings, many rarely before seen in the U.S.

These historical works will be complemented by a contemporary exhibition of neuroscience visualizations that are leading to new insights, aided by technologies, many pioneered here at MIT, that allow increasingly more detailed and precise understandings.”


[Image credit: Drawing of Purkinje cells (A) and granule cells (B) from pigeon cerebellum by Santiago Ramón y Cajal, 1899; Instituto Cajal, Madrid, Spain, via Wikimedia]

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