Article: Creating Mad People’s History as a University Credit Course since 2000 by Geoffrey Reaume

The new issue of New Horizons in Adult Education and Human Resources Development published a paper on the establishment of the world’s first university credit course devoted to Mad People’s History. The focus is on situating the course within the academy and community, curriculum development and pedagogical controversies.

Establishing Mad People’s History as a university credit course is one way of getting our past on the public educational agenda to counter prejudices which have been ubiquitous down through the ages continuing to the present a form of “intellectual empowerment,” fostering understanding of societal issues (Tosh, 2008, p. ix). In this respect, promoting Mad People’s History helps people who have personal connections to madness place their experiences into a wider historical context to reduce the sense of isolation that comes with belonging to a marginalized group. Mad People’s History fosters understanding of the community whose history is long and rich, even though hidden in the shadows. Mad People’s History is one way of bringing light to some of these shadows.

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