Journal Issue: Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry

The journal Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry has released a Special Issue on Psychiatry as Social Medicine that might be of interest to the H-Madness network.

Here’s a list of the many interesting articles:

• Introduction to Special Issue: Psychiatry as Social Medicine by Anne Kveim Lie and Jeremy Greene

• The Most Social of Maladies: Re-Thinking the History of Psychiatry From the Edges of Empire by Claire Edington

• Transcultural Psychiatry: Cultural Difference, Universalism and Social Psychiatry in the Age of Decolonisation by Ana Antić

• Getting On in Gotham: The Midtown Manhattan Study and Putting the “Social” in Psychiatry by Matthew Smith

• Assembling Adjustment: Parergasia, Paper Technologies, and the Revision of Recovery by Michael N. Healey

• Psychosis Without Meaning: Creating Modern Clinical Psychiatry, 1950 to 1980 by Joel T. Braslow

• Society as Cause and Cure: The Norms of Transgender Social Medicine by Ketil Slagstad

• Before and After Prozac: Psychiatry as Medicine, and the Historiography of Depression by Jonathan Sadowsky

• Concluding Remarks by Arthur Kleinman

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