New issue – Medical History

med histThe January 2011 issue of Medical History is now out and includes an article by John C. Burnham entitled “Transnational History of Medicine after 1850: Framing and Interrogation from Psychiatric Journals”. The abstract reads:

Communication amongst medical specialists helps display the tensions between localism and transnationalisation. Some quantitative sampling of psychiatric journals provides one framework for understanding the history of psychiatry and, to some extent, the history of medicine in general in the twentieth century. After World War II, extreme national isolation of psychiatric communities gave way to substantial transnationalisation, especially in the 1980s, when a remarkable switch to English-language communication became obvious. Various psychiatric communities used the new universal language, not so much as victims of Americanisation, as to gain general professional recognition and to participate in and adapt to modernisation.

More information, as well as a complete table of contents, can be found  here.

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