International Conference on the History and Heritage of Psychiatry – Dangerously young

The 3rd International Conference on the History and Heritage of Psychiatry (28 and 29 April 2011)

Dr. Guislain Museum, Ghent, Belgium

Dangerously young – Child and Adolescent Psychiatry from a Historical Perspective

Children and youth take up a special position in today’s society. On the one hand they are described as ‘the future generation’, on the other hand they are increasingly regarded as a threat and a danger to society. As a result, children are constantly examined with an incessant question in mind: ‘Is this child normal?’.

The 3rd International Conference wishes to place this topic within a historical perspective with lectures on the history and evolution of child and adolescent psychiatry. Internationally renowned speakers from various disciplines will share their insights from a historical, medical, pedagogical, psychological and cultural angle.

The Dr. Guislain Museum opens the debate during a two day conference in Ghent. The museum owns a fascinating compilation on this theme, including: a medical collection, a photo collection and a collection of outsider art.

Lectures will be simultaneously interpreted in Dutch, French and English.

For more information, click here.

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