Wonder: Art and Science on the Brain (London, Spring 2013)

The understanding of human thought, emotion, behaviour and expression are common to both neuroscience – the study of the brain and the nervous system – and to many artists working across visual arts, music, theatre, performance and film. Wonder brings together the Wellcome Trust and the Barbican for the first time – two cutting-edge organisations from both fields creating a rich season of events that explores and is inspired by where art and neuroscience collide.

Highlights include a music inspired performance lecture by Marcus du Sautoy; Ruby Wax giving a personal insight into her journey from the heights of fame to depression; a film season exploring mental health on the big screen; Salon a Parisian theatrical 19th century styled event that allows you to debate the big topics of 21st century; a science and art inspired Barbican Weekender – and a feast of other events that invite you to think, to explore and to wonder.

For more information, click here.

2 thoughts on “Wonder: Art and Science on the Brain (London, Spring 2013)

  1. Centre for Medical Humanities says:

    Reblogged this on Centre for Medical Humanities Blog and commented:
    Charles Fernyhough, Director of Hearing the Voice and CMH affiliate, will be speaking on “Psychiatric and neurological knowledge of psychosis
    and its clinical representation in cinema” at a Cinema and Psychosis event on 17 March. For details visit the ‘films’ section of the Wonder: Art and Science on the Brain Website.

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